Music Therapy game – Multi-touch music table

Related work: Konstantinos, T, Hamzeen, M. H. M. and Lui, S. 2014. “Motor rehabilitation for stroke patients using musical rhythmic stimulation” 13th International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition (ICMPC), Seoul. (Accepted paper, to appear)


This is a synchronous music therapy game designed for stroke rehabilitation.

A Demo Video: 

In this game, player needs to tap on the table according to visual and music guide. The intended movement and the music are carefully designed.

The synchronous background music is aligned to the visual and audio guide. The tempo/dynamic/genre/strength of the music are carefully chosen to enhance auditory-motor synchronisation. The entrainment effect enhances upper body movement of stroke patient and hence to facilitate rehabilitation.

It is programmed by Hamzeen Hameem, designed by Dr. Konstantinos Trochidis and Prof Simon Lui. Funded by SUTD Project GREAT under MDA: “Combining Music Therapeutic Knowledge and the Science of Recovery In Game Design for Stroke Rehabilitation”. Principal Investigator: Dr. Simon Lui and Dr. Stanley Kok. With Prof. Annabel Chen, NTU; Dr. Effie Chew, NUH; Dr. Andy Khong, NTU; Asst. Prof PerMagnus Lindborg, NTU. 8 Apr 2013 – 7 Oct 2014. SGD $346500

Hamzeen constructed the table from scratch: Including the hardware design, woodwork, multi-touch code and the game programming. 

touch - object
Figure 1. The setup

touch - multitouch with finger, can detect pressure camera and projector behind the table whole setup

Figure 2. It can detect finger pressure / There is a camera behind the table / The overall setting.


We will be testing out the system with students. We are now doing IRB (human subject test approval) to perform experiment with stroke patient. We will update this page again when IRB is approved.