Team (ARG)

The Audio Research Group (ARG), SUTD

"Catch the bubble" game on Kinect

A synchronous music therapy game designed for stroke rehabilitation

Meet Simon Lui @ IEEE Magazine

Read more about Prof. Simon Lui in the featured IEEE interview!

Binaural Navigation for visually impaired people (Silver Award in SSEF2014)

Developed by NUSHS student, Silver Award in Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF 2014)!

Sound imitation app @ CNN

See our featured interview at CNN International!

Biofeedback experiment on music emotion

Check out our music emotion research evaluated with biofeedback such as skin-conductance, EEG and EKG!

Music chord jamming guide @ NIME 2014, London

Will be presented in NIME2014, acceptance rate 25% this year!

SUTD room map (iOS and Android)

Developed by SUTD students. check it out!

Defining the axis value of a 3D emotional model

check out our latest research on audio emotion

Tinha War - the best selling iOS game in 2011 [天下太平的故事]

How to earn HK$40000/month for app development? Read our story. 寫app能月入四萬?看看我們的故事吧!

Colab - a social learning platform for students in Singapore

Developed by SUTD students. Check it out!

Multi-touch music table

A synchronous music therapy game designed for stroke rehabilitation

Pronunciation training tool on iOS

check out our Pronunciation training tool on iOS!

ARG is a brand new group formed by young and energetic faculties and researchers with strong passion on novel and pioneer audio research. We are in close collaboration with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU), The National University of Singapore (NUS), Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Purdue University Calumet, Singapore Sports School, the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and The Singapore Association for the Deaf (SADeaf), We also have various partners including Apple Inc, SingTel, HTC Singapore, Sennheiser, as well as close connection with the music production individuals.

Principle Investigator

Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Dr. Balamurali B.T.
  • Dr. David Grunberg
  • Dr. Grace Leslie (MIT/SUTD)

Visiting Faculty

  • Assoc Prof. Magesh Chandramouli, Purdue University Northwest
    • List of previous works with Assoc Prof Magesh:
    • “An audio content based semantic music search system”. The Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART) 11th Innovation Grant. Principal Investigator: Dr. Simon Lui. Co-PI: Dr. Magesh Chandramouli (Purdue University Calumet), S$ 246,880.
    • “Development of an intuitive interactive platform for pre-operative communication between hospital and patients/caregivers – towards community partnership for peri-operative person based healthcare model.” Surgery ACP-SUTD Strategic Joint Research Fund (SJRF). Principal Investigator : Dr. Simon Lui. Collaborator: Dr. Magesh Chandramouli (Purdue University Calumet). S$ 49,880
    • Chandramouli, M., and Lui, S. “Virtual Reality-based interactive pedagogical tools for additive manufacturing instruction”, The NASA Academy of Aerospace Quality (AAQ) workshop 2015.
  • Assoc Prof. Vipan Kakkar, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University
  • Assoc Prof. Tan Wee Hoe, Sultan Idris Education University

Ph.D. Student

Research Assistant

  • Jacob Chen
  • Weilong Liu
  • Enyi Tan
  • Hải Lê Vũ
  • Pranay Prateek

Visiting student

  • Rishabh Upadhyay
  • SongJia Shen

Honourable Collaborator

  • Dr. Hee Hwan Ing, Department of Anaesthesia, KKH Hospital (Cough analysis)
  • Dr. Magesh Chandramouli, Purdue University Calumet, U.S. (STEM, computer vision)
  • Dr. Chek Tien Tan, University of Technology Sydney, Australia (Serious Game)
  • Dr. Chen Jer-Ming, SUTD (Speech education)
  • Dr. Low Chee Yong, Singapore Sports School (Syncbeat sport performance enhancement)
  • Dr. Harry Lim Ban Teck, Singapore Sports School (Syncbeat sport performance enhancement)
  • Dr. Clifford So, CUHK (Graphics and computer vision)
  • Dr. Hyowon Lee, SUTD (Principle investigator of the UI Design Model for Serious Games in Hand Rehabilitation project; Audio Aid design for the people with impairment)
  • Dr. Fan (Terry) Zhang, Zhejiang University, China (Game for rehabilitation)
  • Dr. Jim Glass, MIT (Audio Aid design for the people with impairment)
  • Prof. Annabel Chen, NTU (Music therapy game)
  • Assoc Prof ALSAGOFF Lubna, National Institute of Education (Speech education)
  • Assoc Prof. Hock Beng Lim, SUTD (emotional music search)
  • Dr. Cheung Ngai-man, SUTD (SUTD iDiA lab app dev kit)
  • Dr. Jason Gu, SUTD (SUTD iDiA lab app dev kit)
  • Dr. Suranga Chandima Nanayakkara, SUTD (SUTD iDiA lab app dev kit)
  • Dr. Justin Ruths, SUTD (Principle investigator of the SUTD iDiA lab)
  • Dr. Yoong Cheah Huei, SUTD (Principle investigator of the UI Design Model for Serious Games in Hand Rehabilitation project)


  • Dr. Konstantinos Trochidis (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Dr. Chung Lee (Postdoctoral Fellow)
  • Hameem Hamzeen (Research Assistant)
  • Shuran Jiang (Research Assistant)
  • Mohammed Kamal (Visiting student)
  • Katha Chanda (Visiting student)
  • Sai Muralidhar Jayanthi (Visiting student)
  • Liu YingXiang (Visiting student)
  • Eliza Wong (Visiting student)
  • Lee Yan Xin (Visiting student)
  • Peddakota Vikash (Visiting student)
  • Wedige Melanka Saroad (Visiting student)
  • A.K. Ruwanpathirana (Visiting student)
  • Madhura Pankaja Pathegama (Visiting student)
  • Aruna Prabhashwara (Visiting student)

SUTD Student Alumni (UROP)

  • Saw Xun Yi Angus
  • Anjali James
  • Esmond Chuah Hooi Ong
  • Liew Sheng Wei Ethan
  • Qiao Rui
  • Qin Lang
  • Shruthi Shangar
  • Chiang Zhi Min Shaun
  • Yin Ji Sheng
  • Zhang Ruochen
  • Chin Joo Ern
  • Nguyen Dang Minh
  • Ryan Goh
  • Benjamin Kang
  • Joshua Cheong
  • Edward Tiong
  • Yong Cheng Toh
  • Javier Su
  • Olivia Wen Seow
  • Junhua Liu