Music Director
Hong Kong Live Music Professionals (2000-2011)


Hong Kong Live Music Professionals

Self founded company. Providing services on live music performance including wedding, banquet, ceremony and pop music concert, as well as pop and classical commercial music studio production. Co-operated with (selected list): CEO Neway Star, BMA Records, Crystal Clear Production, Pure Music Birdman, Silver Planet Group, Gold Label, FilmKo Films Distribution, Zanden Audio system, Audio Cable Boutique.

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We established partnership with VISA International, providing exclusive service for VISA Infinite card holder.

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Pop Music Production / Recording (selected list)

2002 方皓玟 <夢的捕手>
– Violin and Viola Solo
– String Arrangement
– Recording and mixing
– tuning and studio work


2002 Rise to Honor II
– Theme song and game music: Violin and Viola Solo
– Improvisation

2003 傅珮嘉 <一支煙的時間>
– Violin and Viola Solo
– Recording and mixing

2006 軟硬天師
– Vocal Performance
2005 王浩信 唱片專輯
– Violin Solo and accompaniment
2008 關楚耀 <潮人誌>
– Violin Solo and arrangement


Pop Music Performance (Selected List)

2001 – 2007 Little Egret Restaurant
– Violinist in residence
– on stage with Gary Tse,Boris,區瑞強,司徒志超,every Thursday night.
2005 – 2006 音樂農莊民歌餐廳
– Violinist in residence
– on stage with Boris,區瑞強,every Monday night.

2005 人神鬥概念音樂會
– Invited guest performer
– Music arrangement (人神鬥情歌Medley) and singing group leader
– On stage with 陳奕迅, 劉浩龍

2006 Sofina Alblanc 首次來港 四季酒店記者招待會
– Music director of the event
– Classical string trio leader

2005 網上行愛音樂@砵蘭街
– Invited guest performer
– Music composing (Background music – drama session)
– A’Cappella group leader
– On stage with Trinity Theater, 鄭融

2005 1218 向古巨狂歡音樂會
– Invited guest performer
– Music arrangement (XMas Carol)
– Singing Group Leader
– On stage with 古巨基

2006 劉德華最好聲音音樂會
– Invited guest performer
– Music re-arrangment (觀世音 – 無盡人聲合唱版)
– Singing group leader
– On stage with 劉德華

2006 鄭秀文Show Me音樂會
– Invited guest performer
– music arranger
– singing group leader
– on stage with 鄭秀文

2007 TVB 音樂台
– Invited guest performer
– Beat-boxing performance
– on show with 葉文輝

Old School Experience
– The Best performer of the year (Strings) – Music Office, 1996
– Concert Master – The Hong Kong Youth Strings, 1996-1998
– Concert Master – Hong Kong Stage Ensemble, 2000-2003
– Percussion Principle – Hong Kong Guitar Orchestra, 1996-2003
– First Runner up (Erhu二胡) – Hong Kong HKRDC Instrumental Competition, 1998
– IT Innovation Award (MIDI composing), VTech Web Design Competition, 1998
– Hong Kong Champion (A’Cappella) – Hong Kong ICMA Singing Contest, 2005

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